Holiday Baking #31: Chocolate Mint Sandwiches (Homemade Andes Mints)

Friday, December 31, 2010

If you haven't noticed by now, I definitely have a thing for the chocolate--mint flavor combination.  From my favorite mint-brownies, to my daughter's chocolate-peppermint cake roll, to our peppermint patty brownies, I pretty much consider it one of my favorite flavor combinations ever.  I partially attribute this love to the fact that I'm a bit of a culinary rebel of sorts.  My mother has despised mint her whole life, which meant that I was pretty deprived of it in my youth.  Now I'm all grown up and I like to make sure that we have something minty in our repertoire as often as possible (except of course when mom is coming to visit).  :)  

Okay, okay...enough of my is the final installment of  Jenny's three chocolate-mint holiday treats!   These would be another great addition to a plate of goodies or for a holiday party snack.   See here for her recipe for homemade peppermint patties and here for her peppermint bark.  Thanks to Jenny for inspiring us with your talent for gorgeous and tasty treats!

Make sure you read the notes at the bottom about choosing your chocolates for this recipe.    

By the way, today is supposed to be the last day of my goody-a-day posting, but I have one more special treat waiting for you for tomorrow!  You won't want to miss this beautiful creation!   

Click here for a printable version of the recipe. 

NOTE:  ‘Real’ chocolate can be used in place of chocolate-flavored compound coatings, but the layers
tend to separate and be more difficult to handle than when using compound coatings, and ‘real’
chocolate must be tempered when melted. Regardless of which chocolate you use, you can mix
up the colors and flavorings to make distinctive chocolate sandwiches to your liking.

NOTE:  *When purchasing compound coating, make certain you know what your are buying, as it is
available in many flavors and colors. “Green” can be vanilla, lime, or mint. If buying mint-flavored
green compound coating, DO NOT add the peppermint oil. If buying vanilla-flavored green
compound coating, do add the peppermint oil.



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