Pirate Pizza

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Ahoy me heartys!  Avast, it be National Talk like a Pirate Day.  So quit yer lollygaggin' and get yer peglegs in the galleys to make some grub.  Even yer wee little ones will crowd around yonder table when you ring the dinner bell.  
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Posted by Jen. 

The Grub you need:
Pizza dough (either store bought or home made (see here for pizza dough recipe)
Pizza sauce (oops, didn't make it in the picture)
Mozzarella cheese, shredded
black olives

For Treasure map pizza, use pepperoni, red/green peppers, mushrooms, etc

Smartly me hearties, prepare yer feast:
Separate the dough into two balls.  One small and one big.
 Separate the small one into 4 sections and roll each one into a tube.
 Roll each tube into a "bone" shape.
 Avast..yer cross bones.
Now roll out the bigger dough into an oval, but make the bottom part not quite as wide as the top part...like a skull shape.

 Cover the "cross bones" and "skull" with pizza sauce and cheese.
Cut your olives into eyes, nose, and mouth pieces.
 Place the olives on the skull and bake at 425 degrees for about 15 minutes, depending on how crispy you like your crust (and depending on how thick you rolled it out!)  Bake the crossbones only about 10 minutes (if cooking separately)
 If you oven is big enough, then hook the crossbones to the skull before cooking.  Unfortunately my oven isn't big enough, so I had to cook them separately and then add them to the skull before serving.  I think I over cooked the cheese a bit because it started to brown, but my boys thought it made it look more sinister.
If a skull and crossbones isn't your thing, then make a Pirate Pizza Treasure map.

Roll out your dough into a rectangle.
Cover with sauce and cheese and whatever else you want to make your map.  I used olive slices to make the path, red pepper for "x" marks the spot, green pepper for trees, mushrooms and olives for Skull rock.  Plus I added little slices of pepperoni to please the meat lovin' pirates in my family.
Bake at 425 degrees for about 15-20 minutes, until crust is browned on bottom.  (again, it depends on how thick you rolled it out and how crunchy you like your pizza)

Happy Talk like a Pirate Day!  This would also be a good idea for a Pirate party, or a Halloween dinner.

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