Finger Dip

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It's often hard to get kids to eat their vegetables. However, when you make a Finger dip you may gross them out so much they'll actually want to eat their veggies. (at least if they're boys) What was once innocent carrots and radishes, are now buried fingers trying to dig their way out of the dip. This is very easy to do and fun to serve at any Halloween meal.

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Posted by Jen. 

The Ingredients:
Your favorite thick vegetable dip (it needs to be thick enough to hold up the 'fingers')
baby carrots
vegetables to serve with dip like more carrots, cucumbers, celery, peppers, radishes, olives, etc

The Directions:

Wash your vegetables if needed.

Slice ovals off the side of the radishes. Make sure that the white interior is flat so as to be able to lay it flat. Point off one edge so as to look like a jagged finger nail. Make sure to pay attention to size. Your thumb nail is bigger than your pinkie nail!Next choose 5 carrots. Slice off the tip of the baby carrot at an angle so you make a flat area .Get a little dip on the carrot or the back of the radish to use as 'glue'. (actually this picture shows too much 'glue'. You don't want the dip oozing behind the radish.)Apply 'nails' (radishes) to 'fingers' (carrots) and then arrange in your dip so as to look like a hand coming up. Remember to space them appropriately because your thumb is further away from your index finger.

You need to have a good thick dip so the fingers don't slide down in it. The dip would be best if made with a cream cheese and made the day before. My favorite is a basic ranch dip with cream cheese and a little sour cream (and either ranch dressing or ranch mix). Even a good green guacamole dip or hummus would look great with fingers coming up out of it.  Oh, and with a baked pita sticking up behind it with "R.I.P" on it like a grave stone! (I think I'll have to try that next year. I just now thought of that. If you try it, send us a picture!)

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Coleen October 27, 2011 at 2:20 AM  

What a GREAT fun.

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