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Monday, October 31, 2011

I've been doing Halloween dinners for my family and friends for the fast few years. Every year I look forward to planning out new ideas and theme meals. Here are a few that I've done in the past couple of years. These are just pictures with a little "how to" but not a ton of detail. If you're anything like me, sometimes you're just looking for an idea to get those creative juices flowing. I hope I can help out even just a little bit with your Halloween holiday season.

Coffin cake
I baked a cake in a loaf pan and then froze it. Then I cut it into a coffin shape and cut off the top part for the lid. I put cherry pie filling in the middle. Then I used leftover cake crumbs for the ground and piped white frosting hands coming up out of the ground. My only complaint was that this was small. The next time I'd make it in a 13x9 pan.

Stake through the heart chicken nuggets.
This is just chicken nuggets with BBQ sauce. I thought it looked kind of gross so it was appropriate for our Halloween dinner.
Batty brownies
I baked brownies in a spring form pan. When cooled I sprinkled powdered sugar on one side to be a moon. I melted chocolate chips and piped it into bat shapes. Before the chocolate set I added red hots as the eyes.
Eyeballs and brains
This is just spaghetti and meatballs. I used red pepper for the tongue. My boys loved this.

Funny face tostadas
We had tostada shells with all the toppings. Use some re-fried beans so that things stick a little better. Everyone got to create their own face.
Spider pizza
I used the pizza dough in a tube and bread sticks in a tube to make this. I made my pizza with our preferred toppings. Then I took some of the bread sticks and criss-crossed them on top to be like a web. Take a spare bread stick and roll into 2 balls with one being larger than the other. This is the spider head and body. Add on some cut in half bread sticks to be the legs. I used olives for the eyes.
Spider guacamole dip
This was actually like a 7-layer dip. I reserved the sour cream in a baggie and piped a spiderweb on it. For spiderweb instructions go here.Frankenstein dip
This is a spinach dip underneath with a Frankenstein guacamole on top. I used sour cream and olives for the eyes, olives for the hair and bolts, and red pepper for mouth. I found a Frankenstein picture on line and printed it out. I traced it onto the cold spinach dip with a toothpick and then filled it in with the guacamole.
I hope you enjoyed these ideas and have as much fun coming up with ideas and making them as I do. Have a great Halloween party! Happy Halloween!

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